Our vision of architecture is an overall vision, this is exactly what urban projects need. Therefore, this experienced vision which characterises our company, enables us to implement comprehensive solutions to projects concerning new smart cities, districts and sub-divisions. Our overall vision enables us to provide the appropriate offers, which will certainly satisfy all parties working in the field of sustainable development. What distinguishes us; is using the maximum of our experiences, international environmental standards, taking into account the minimum costs in the operation and implementation, through rationing the standards of consumption of production elements as energy and water and maintenance while not forgetting the ultimate goal: to keep a clean environment which does not affect public health.

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Egyptian Belgian Architecture Company in collaboration with its outstanding partners, offers optimal solutions for the design of projects that put the future with all its directions as a target, including all the aspirations for the use of renewable energy with the rationing of consumption to reduce the non-calculated increases while respecting the environment in smart sustainable green buildings in order to reach the maximum optimum comfort for the user.
Our company is able to assimilate and implement all the new sustainable developments during recent years, “We design the optimal future in the present.”


Our slogan
(A clean environment ……..cheap energy……. lower cost)
This slogan led us to develop and implement solutions and designs that makes our achievements environment and public health friendly and make our solutions and designs investor friendly because of its positive effects on the rationalisation of consumption and there by reduce spending.To achieve these goals we relayed, with our outstanding partners, on the design and implementation of green buildings, environmental friendly projects and, consequently, choosing materials and implementation tools carefully in order to achieve the target accurately.


Planning – Implementation – Monitoring – Continuous review of the work flow to determine performance standards and to correct the trajectory at once….those are the quality standards that we adopt.

Egyptian Belgian Architecture Company, relying on our experience, we can start planning, implementing, controlling and monitoring the team to perform specific projects successfully according to predetermined and environmental friendly standards.
The first goal of project management is to complete the project through controlling all the obstacles that may arise during the work.


Egyptian Belgian Architecture Company provides solutions for the integration of control systems in public or semi-public lighting to save Energy consumption, Mobility, IoT, Waste treatment in order to reach maximum of  the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.


Using environmentally friendly Materials  and Renewable Energy technology is a priority in the designs of Egyptian Belgian Architecture Company’s projects according to the global environmental standards in order to target the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Building & Monument Renovation

Belgian know-how in renovation is well appreciated in Europe. From the bone – the fragment – reconstructing the whole organism. Starting from the place and the programme, we renew the coherence of a rapport. Our first preoccupation as such is to enhance the human capacity for well-being, the pacing of pleasure, to occupy a new layout which corresponds to their scale and standards. This is our working philosophy.


Egyptian Belgian Architecture Company has extensive experience in the design and implementation of external and internal lighting for smart buildings, which allow the use of light when needed with appropriate lighting and therefore reduce energy consumption & increasing comfort.